Licensed Psychotherapist
Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions
Group Psychotherapy
- Overcome inhibitions
- Try new behaviors
- Process feelings in a safe and supportive environment
Marriage/ Relationship Therapist
Elevate and/or heal your relationship through professional help
Sex therapist Specialist
- Sexual Dysfunction
- Desire Disorders

We were all born to a social environment and learned some patterns of behavior that are no longer suitable for us. In this psychodynamic group therapy the goal is to improve life functioning especially in the area of interpersonal relationships. Through, what is called, “group process” members has the opportunity to practice new forms of behavior. It creates a change by exploring, trying, and cultivating relationship with other group members.

Group psychotherapy consists of 5-10 people who get together on an on going basis once a week with a trained psychotherapist. Each group meeting lasts 1-1 ½ hours during which group members are encouraged to interact with each other about any topic or issue they choose to bring up and/or share feelings that come up in relation to others in the group. It helps group members learn from their own experience in the group, but also as an observant through other group members’ process.

Group therapy also represents family dynamic. Group members learn to associate others in the group with members of their own family, and have the chance to examine their feelings and reaction toward these group members. It is a process by which the group meeting becomes a form of a lab where members try new behaviors, overcome inhibitions, practice safe boundaries, and process feelings raised during group session.

Group can be very supportive. Group members can find similarity between their own feelings and others. It is a mechanism that fosters hope, but also a safe platform to receive an objective feedback and what is expected of them.

Confidentiality is a basic rule of a therapy group, and therefore, allows for honesty and reveling information to be expressed.

Group Therapy