Licensed Psychotherapist
Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions
Group Psychotherapy
- Overcome inhibitions
- Try new behaviors
- Process feelings in a safe and supportive environment
Marriage/ Relationship Therapist
Elevate and/or heal your relationship through professional help
Sex therapist Specialist
- Sexual Dysfunction
- Desire Disorders

Falling in love can feel natural and effortless, but maintaining a resilient love relationship is another story. Put simply, it requires a good bit of work, involving both partners’ understanding, open-mindedness, creativity, playfulness and laughter, to name a few primary ingredients.

When a couple walks into my office the first thing I focus on is their communication skills, which are absolutely key regardless of what the points of friction may be.

A relationship is a two-way street. Both partners must learn to express themselves clearly and directly, and on the flip side, learn to actively listen in order to understand what is being communicated.

Following an assessment, we identify the issues that need to be resolved and from there on, through cognitive-behavioral methods combined with a psychodynamic approach when appropriate, we work to resolve their issues. In this way we strive to achieve mutual trust, honesty, respect, acceptance, and friendship. Of course, shared values are very important to a healthy relationship.

Couple counseling and therapy