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Sexual addiction: Understanding, diagnosing, and treating hypersexuality


Their names are all over the news and their deeds have led countless individuals to shed light on a problem our society is currently facing, and has been facing for some time now. The list of esteemed men now being ousted for their sexual exploits continues to grow daily, exposing the unfortunate impact of an oversexualized and undereducated society.

In the western world, sexual education is a heavily politicized topic and more often than not, our youth are sheltered from the topic of sex. What is problematic is that while taught so little about sex, it is depicted everywhere in society. Sex and innuendos run rampant throughout the media, in television shows and movies, and even in magazines geared towards adults and adolescents alike.

This causes our youth to develop into adults with a skewed idea of sexuality, which can inevitably lead to a variety of sexual disfunction disorders, the most currently publicized being sexual addiction. The good news is that understanding and addressing sexual addiction can lead to a better tomorrow with proper treatment.


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