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Healthy is sexy: exploring health benefits of satisfying sex

Satisfying sex has a much greater impact than just the pleasure it provides; sex has an abundance of lasting mental and physical health benefits which means that a good romp in the sheets is actually good for you!

Physical health benefits

While only 63% of Americans agree that sex is beneficial for your general health, a whopping 91% of Brazilians share this sentiment. Coincidentally, Brazilians have the longest romps in the world, averaging thirty minutes each session. It may be because they realize that sex is exercise, and exercising makes for better sex, and a healthier life!

Sex is arguably the most enjoyable form of cardio, burning an average of 5 calories per minute while working multiple muscle groups. Cardio, as the name implies, strengthens our cardiovascular system, which can lower blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of heart disease.

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